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Other services

Cell rechargeCell Recharge
Quickly replenish the balance of the mobile phone using prepaid calling card.

PC to Phone callPC to Phone call
With the help of internet access or SIP hardware you can reduce the price of international telephone calls over long distances.

Conference CallsConference call
You can set up the conference call instantly between 50 people for the low rate price.

PDA callPDA call
The ability to make international calls through the PDA or mobile phone. PIN is not required.

WEB callWEB call
Ability to make calls using a web-site. You do not need a PIN-code and does not require special software.

SMS callSMS call
Send to our service number of SMS text message to your phone number from which you want to access, and we will connect you.

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Hello dear visitor! We are glad to see you in our internet store of prepaid calling cards. Here you can buy online prepaid phone cards for international calls. Telephone cards exists very much and cost of minute at them differs several times. By means of our service you can pick up the cheapest tariff for your call. You need to choose only the country where you are and the country where you are going to call. We hope that you will like our service.

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To buy a prepaid telephone card in our online shop there are some ways. The easiest is to pick countries at the top of the store, between which will take place international call. In this case, we will show you a list of long distance phone cards with prices per minute between the selected countries. You need only select the cheapest prepaid calling card from the list. Another way to buy a cheap phone card is selected on the main page of the country where you are and our shop will print your spreadsheet with prices for international long distance calls to other countries.

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